Geraldine Giulia Haddad, born in 1965, is a professional from the diamonds industry.
Graduated from the GIA - Gemologist Institute of America (Certificate), the world's most famous gemology institute, she began her experience at very early age working at the Diamonds Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv: Geraldine learned to select the stones from the original lots in order to provide an international production jewelers.
In order to open her sights, Geraldine moved to London to work with gemstones wholesalers in the renowned Hatton Garden district, the very famous Centre Jewelry and Diamonds in London. 


After that, Geraldine began the collaboration, which continues today, with the well-known company Cadchod of Milan, where she is in charge of the purchases and selection of the diamonds for medium-large jewelry production companies.

Since the collaboration with Geraldine, Cadchod become a member of the RJC (Responsible Jewelery Council), the association that promotes, in the context of the processing of gold and diamond jewelry, responsible practices from an ethical, social and environmental point of view, which respect human rights, from extraction to sale. Cadchod also became member of Associazione Orafa Lombarda and WFDB Exchange Member (n°BD175)


Thanks to her international experiences, Geraldine speaks 4 languages fluently: Italian, French, English, Hebrew and understands Arabic. She is also one of the very few women to be a member of the Borsa Diamanti Italia.


The experience gained over the years has allowed Geraldine to have a deep knowledge of the sector that, combined with its innate taste, allows her to be a 360 ° consultant and a professional jeweler.

Thanks to her expertise and knowledge, Geraldine establishes a direct relationship with the customers based on competence, professionalism, confidentiality. Gerladine will give to the customer a personalized service, giving advices also to renew family jewelry that, perhaps because of their slightly retro style are difficult to wear.


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Geraldine Giulia Haddad  |  Cell. +39 335 6407070  |  info@geraldinegiulia.com  |  Instagram @geraldine_diamantaire

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